Competitiveness Plan

The Tourism Competitiveness Plan for Santa Pola,  "International Sports Tourism", is an agreement that was signed by TURESPAÑA, the Valencian Agency of Tourism, and the Townhall of Santa Pola in September 2009, which began to take shape in 2004 when the Townhall of Santa Pola, aware of the new trends highlighted by the European Union paper on "Sustainable European Cities", decided to get involved in renewing the image of our Town.


The existing tourism model of Eastern Spain over the last thirty years, based on the supply of sun and sand, is no longer sufficient to meet the demands of new society; the specialisation, originality and quality of the destination have become imperative for the development of a sustainable tourism economy and to tackle the congestion suffered by the market.


With the will to create a modern tourist destination model and a future projection, they have put into motion a Strategic Plan for guidelines and municipal politicians to manage and then lead towards a model that satisfies the conditions for quality and necessary sustainability.


The study prior to drafting the Strategic Plan highlighted the great potential of Santa Pola as a sports destination, based mainly on the great success in the organisation of events, which is an orientation that also will serve as a fundamental tool for the removal of seasonality in tourism and the activation of the local economy during the so-called low season.


The population of Santa Pola has demonstrated a commitment to the success of each and every one of the sporting events that has been organized, working selflessly with the organizers and providing a special atmosphere of friendship and kindness that is not lost on its visitors.


The soul of the Santa Pola people, together with the optimal environmental conditions, the fine dining and cultural offerings, seeks to attract and satisfy tourists beyond the not so less important dip in our beautiful beaches.


To achieve the necessary impetus to finally put our Town at the forefront with the new tourism model, the co-operation between local, regional and state administrations, and private enterprises in the locality, has been indispensable, and has resulted, after arduous efforts, a joint investment of € 4,000,000.00 which has been orchestrated through the Competitiveness Plan.


With this investment, the Townhall of Santa Pola has met the conditions necessary for establishing the basis for further development through the acquisition of infrastructures for events, promotional activities and, of course, significant investment for the construction of the sports area facing the beach of Varadero, the bike path linking the Town with Gran Alacant through the mountains, and a park to practice skate-board.